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Slab Slayer has now partnered with Patreon!!! (Blog 004)

Updated: Jan 2, 2023

We are looking to make some members at our next venture at Patreon. There will be bi-weekly slab giveaway. With a Tier one membership ($3) you will get your name in for the random slab giveaway. You will also get in the raffle where we will randomly select a Patron on each team of a blaster box rip. These rips will be recorded and you can watch. If you are not present you will still received your cards in the mail. The site address is\slabslayerdotcom

Practice makes perfect......

Our first giveaway will be Jan. 29th, 2021 at 8pm Central time, and will include these two Michael Jordan Slabs.

We will always give our patron's a heads up on what is coming next on giveaways so they can decide if they want to continue their patronage or cancel. That is one good thing. You can cancel at anytime.

We have already announced our Valentine's day giveaway slab. See below for the reveal.

In Tier Two ($8) you will receive a free pack of cards shipped to your address free of charge. We have started to buy packs for this giveaway already.....with our blaster giveaways being modern cards we will start with older packs on our monthly free packs in Tier Two.

If you want to get involved with our Giveaways, Raffles, Blaster Rips, and receive some free packs monthly please join the membership and you are free to cancel at anytime and rejoin at your leisure. We look forward to serving your clients with this added fun with graded memorabilia.

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