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Estate Purchases & Commission Dealing

We will show some recent deals that have been positive for all parties below.

Fair Commission Deals & Estate Purchases are few and far between these days. Dealing with a team that respects your estate and adopts a mission to share in the profit is where we have been dealing with current clients. It is a family-like feeling dealing with the team at

Step One: Estate review and value assessment

Step Two: Determination of Advanced Payment

a. Full Buyout Portion of Estate (these items will not receive profit sharing)

Step Three: Profit Sharing Plan beyond the Advance Payment

a. Quick Sell Items with a profit share to the client

Step Four: Execution & Profit Sharing Distribution

Our last Estate Purchase included this 1960 Topps Giant Set. The Client had 52 of the 60 cards in excellent condition. We agreed to aquire the last 8 cards to complete the set, and we topped off the set with the Moose Skowron Short Print Autograph card to help sell the set at a premium. SlabSlayer appraised the set, gave our client $150 advanced payment for the set. We let the auction final price decide the profit sharing amount. Anything over the advance payment of $150 became a 50/50 split with the client. We posted to Ebay and shared the listing with the client. The set sold for $550 and we were able to pass along the profit sharing payment of $200. Payments are sent via paypal or venmo.

Here is the actual auction shown below.

Below are some of the other items we took on at a full buyout price.

We ran some of the better cards through and they only kicked back at 1, 2, 3 grades. A couple of the 1974 topps cards landed 5 and 6. Not huge sellers and this was our determination. With this in mind we knew the risk of taking on just good condition cards of this era so we offered full buyout purchase price that the client was accepting of at the time of sale.

Email us today at if you plan to sell cards you inherited or receive in any way. Even garage sale finds that you believe have some value. You can trust us to determine a path to profitability for all involved parties. Thank you.

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