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Friends in Low Places: A High School Friend's Collection

We love it when our friends find their childhood sports cards and instantly think of us. This adventure started with two boxes of cards and a phone call about 6 months earlier. When he called he said, "Hey, if I find my cards will you look through them and tell me what I have and what I need to do with them?" This is our passion and our hobby so YES! Bring them on!!!

Here are the first two boxes he trusted me to look through.

The Reebox box was full of 90's JUNK era mass produced baseball cards. Not much of value in there. The card collector's box was full of some cool non-sports cards. TMNT, Garbage Pail Kids, Terminator 2 Trading Cards, 1992 and 1993 Marvel Cards, even some Aladdin the Disney Movie Cards.

Below is a Carnage Rookie Card from the 1992 Impel Marvel Set.

Being the correct age to collect the GPK set. I was really diggin' these cards even though they were in terrible condition. Nothing in this collection of GPK cards would grade very well. It brought back cool memories for me though. This collection can be sold as a partial set on eBay or as individual cards for set collectors. I believe they are Series 4 from 1986.

A few weeks go by.......

He texted me that he found his larger tote of cards and they have his Michael Jordan Collection included!!!!

When he dropped them off, he proceeded to showed me the collection quickly and I notice this box inside of his white cardboard collection box. After he left, I pull this box out and wondered what it was. It said NBA DREAMS with a Gatorade logo. It looked like it had been opened once to see the contents and then closed up and put back in the box for the next 26 years.

Sorry these are screen shots from a video and the condition of the photo is terrible but the cards are pristine condition.

It is a rare set especially in great condition like this one is in. Only a handful of the set has been graded a 10 by SGC. This is where we decided to send all 12 cards in the set and they had a $12 per card special on basketball with a 5-10 day turnaround.

Side Note: about 150 sets have been sent to PSA for grading as well.

SGC pop report below:

We will keep everyone updated on the sets final grades. We will also post the SGC scans when they get posted by SGC. Please visit for all your grading needs. If you want to go high end you can send to

Stay tuned for most blogs on this collection and the GEMs inside. One hint on the next blog: the 1993 Star Wars Galaxy Set!!!! & We love it!

Email us today at if you plan to sell cards you inherited or receive in any way. Even garage sale finds that you believe have some value. You can trust us to determine a path to profitability for all involved parties. Thank you.

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