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Cracking the SGC 1 Venezuela & sending it to the Nolan Ryan Foundation....EEK!

Updated: Apr 1, 2023

So, as you all know our quest to get all four variations of Nolan's Rookie Card in dual auto are in full swing. We have put some faith into the to get our card signed by Nolan Ryan himself. Nolan signs his autograph on your baseball card for a $75 donation to his Foundation. Once we have this accomplished, we will move on to capturing Jerry Koosman's autograph. I am not sure he does many public signings, but I have heard he is doing some private signings. We would like to get Jerry in person and get some pictures with him in the process. He had a great career and would love to meet him in this process.

Below is the SGC 1 we cracked for bigger and better things. I plan to contact SGC so they take the certification number out of their pop report. This card will go to PSA when we complete the dual auto quest. Because SGC does not certify in-person signed cards, unfortunately.

Next up is our package to Jerry Koosman for testing. I have asked him for a list of his upcoming signings or card shows. You can send items to his house and he will sign them and return for $10 so I have heard. We are trying this with his All-Star Rookie card, shown below. The last confirmation of this method was 2019 so I was a bit worried but sending this cheap card to him for his autograph as a first go and first contact is a good move to test this method. I will write him again if this works to see if he will meet us in person to sign the Venezuela card.

Either way, it will be the only certified/signed Venezuela Nolan Ryan card to exist. A true 1/1 and combine that with the Milton Bradley Dual Auto that is one of 15 certified by PSA, and the O-Pee-Chee that is one of 10 certified by PSA. The Base Topps is reported as 86 total that are dual autographed. We are definitely in rare company already, and it will get ultra rare with all 4 in dual auto. Scroll further past Jerry's All-Star Rookie to see our new case.

Last little bit to show in this blog is our new Four Horsemen Case. We made a nice photoshop image of Nolan Ryan in all this uniforms on four horses. We then made these stickers on and had them shipped to the shop. This makes for a great display piece and also is a good safe place to store the cards. From left to right, Nolan in his Angels uniform, Rangers, Astros, and last but not least the New York Mets. The image is from the original Magnificent Seven Movie poster and we think it turned out great.

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