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Accepting Custom OFFERS, try it NOW!!!! (Blog 002)

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

We have added to the website people......not only have we added SLABS, we have added a new feature! We are totally stoked to introduce, MAKE A CUSTOM OFFER on the page.

To Gain More Customer Interaction....

We are proud to announce our new feature to the site. "Make a Custom Offer." This will be a game changer for our email list members. No longer can you just look at the price and wish it was lower. Join the email list on our site for free and then this feature will be interactive with your account. Throw us a Custom Offer and cross your fingers. Once received we will compare your trade offer and reply with acceptance or denial. The auditors will use sites like and the latest sales on to determine current value of your offer. If you are within our acceptable range we will send you a custom discount code that will match your offer on that item.

This Custom Offer is only shown on the product page itself. View the item and then scroll to the bottom and it will appear for you to submit an offer. Remember joining the member list or the email list will make you eligible for offer reviews. We will be verifying that users are on the list.

We hope you all enjoy this new feature and look forward to interacting on the website with all email list members.

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