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1968 Venezuela Topps #177 Nolan Ryan Return from PSA/DNA Certification

BOOYAH!!!!! Sippy is currently asking the Mayor of our town for a red carpet, police escorted, fire truck siren parade to usher in our ONE of ONE Nolan Ryan Rookie Auto printed on a Venezuelan printing press licensed by the honorable Topps Chewing Gum, Inc. back in 1968!!!

For more info on Topps Venezuela history visit: Topps Venezuelans - Home - Venezuelan Baseball Cards (

And for more information on twitter about Venezuela cards follow this user on twitter: Venezuela Topps (@VenezuelaTopps) / Twitter

And the image you have all been waiting for is shown below!!!! (along with the certification number proving the #1 population signed Nolan Ryan Venezuela Rookie Card) continue below the image for more.......

Hecho en Venezuela.....thats right! A true 1 of 1 Auto Rookie of the Strike Out King!!!! The Nolan Ryan Express! Flame Throwing Texas Ranger!!!! The Miracle Mets World Series Champion, King of the HILL!!!!! This card will go down in history as the first signed copy known to exist after 55 long years of coming off the press hot in Venezuela!

It takes serious balls to crack out a card like this and get it signed by the legend Nolan Ryan through his foundation and then risk sending it "again" to PSA for grading. That is what we did. See the original SGC PR1 tuxedo slab below. We took the pliers to this slab and snapped it out!!! No holds barred, go big or go home, right Slab Slayers?????

We are glad that PSA agreed in the Poor 1 grade! And we are really glad they loved the auto enough to give it a Gem MINT 10!!!!

We have seen (2) of the (3) Johnny Bench Venezuela cards that are currently on sale on ebay. With some research we have seen most of the 1968 rookies of these two legends that Nolan Ryan is consistently THREE times the value of Johnny Bench rookies. Both on the Topps side and the Venezuela can easily multiply the sales by 3 to get the Nolan Ryan Value.

We put offers in on both of these cards (shown below) and the sellers countered. The top one came down to $9,499 and the bottom came down to $20,000. Both of these cards are 1 of 3 autos and they are both Poor 1 cards grades with 10 AUTO. This is our best price comparisons currently if you multiply times 3 for the Nolan Ryan Express!!!!! We are just waiting for a true sale to make the value on our card.

Please if you have contact information on Jerry Koosman for this Autograph on our PSA card we will gladly crack it again for the great Jerry Koosman to sign it along side of Nolan Ryan. Email us with any Jerry info at:

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