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Search is now LIVE!!!! We are so excited to bring a new site for Graded Memorabilia! (001)

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

If you love slabs as much as we do you will love our new site. We have been buying and selling on other sites for years and now we are bringing the passion to our own venue!

What will set us out from the crowd?

We are looking to add a few ideas to the site that area lacking on some other sites. We are under construction currently but we are looking to add a BARTER area. This will allow customers to offer their slabs for ours via email. Next to "BUY NOW" we are going to add a button which allows you to send an image of your slab, front and back, to our auditor's drawing board. Once received we will compare your trade offer and reply with acceptance or denial. The auditors will use sites like and the latest sales on to determine current value of your offer.

We are also looking to add next to our "BUY NOW" button where you can "Offer Less." This will give our visitors a chance to give a lower offer for the card or an item listed for sale. Hey, lets be honest this market is ever changing. We trust that our visitors also can do their own research and have some knowledge of memorabilia prices. If you want it for less let us know with a lower offer. All we can do is counter your offer or deny the request, right? No harm, no foul. These methods are currently in construction and we hope they can go live soon.

What you can see from our social sites soon. :)

Weekly we will be posting new SLABS for the site. Visit\slabslayercards and give us a LIKE to see our latest SLAB leads in your news feed. This will help you to know what new inventory we will be posting to the site. We will also be showing LEGACY cards. These are the cards we loved to have in our inventory but have sold to satisfied customers. These slabs will pave the way for new inventory for our visitors.

Below is an example of a LEGACY card & new SLAB post.

There are many slabs to be slayed on Visit us today!

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