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Nolan Ryan Foundation came through!!! We have Good NEWS & we have Bad NEWS!!!!

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Let's start with the good news!!!!

So after about 3 weeks and 75 bucks we received back our Nolan Ryan Venezuela card and we are smitten with the results! The Nolan Ryan Foundation was very quick to reply to all our requests via email. The Signature turned out great. We asked that he sign on his side just in case we are able to run into Jerry Koosman for his autograph.

Here is the card in Raw form.

Here it is in a Magnet Holder that we used when sending it to PSA. Pretty clean auto, it better get a 10 GEM Mint on the PSA/DNA grade!!!

Next up we will look at the Nolan Ryan Foundation (NRF) Hologram Sticker they always put on the back of the card. We have heard that you can request to not get the sticker, but I feel like PSA/DNA will be more likely to be authenticated with the sticker on back.

Just for those wondering, we did contact SGC and we told them our card was cracked out of their tuxedo holder to be autographed. They asked for photo proof and they said they will remove the cert number from the pop report.

Here is a link to that certification number to see if they have removed it when you read this blog: Cert Verification (

Cut and paste this, the Cert# was: 0450400

This card is another step closer to dual auto and we are getting it dual graded currently so it will be encapsulated by PSA while we wait for Jerry to be available for autograph.

Our Jerry test is the "bad news" to this blog:

We struck out with our test card to Jerry Koosman's last known 2019 address. We sent him a nice hand drawn Miracle Mets card thanking him for his autograph and put $20 in the envelope for him to keep after signing the 1969 Topps All-Star Card and the sooner it arrived at his address it was shipped back not even opened. So we are searching for other avenues to capture his signature on the left side of the Rookie card. We will crack it once again and send back to PSA for a third time if we can get together with Jerry. Seems like a waste to keep cracking it but Jerry will be a tuff challenge and we need to keep the card safe and encapsulated to hold it's value.

If you have a known way to get a hold of Jerry Koosman, send us an email at:

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